Video about us

Presentation about the company

Face to face interaction
between students and Teachers

Live Interaction

Video/Audio Conferencing, Whiteboard & File sharing

Create virtual Learning Institutes

Full Management for Virtual Learning Centers

Tackle challenges like Payment, timetable, teachers availability

Direct Private Tutoring between
Teachers and Students

Intuitive and easy service

allows students from different time zones to take a class together
mimics real world classroom environment

Discover courses/Tutors

Students can discover new interesting courses among their friends/collegues (with social network) or discover good tutors.

Create account

Students create their own accounts and set their preferences/likes. Students will discover tutors and try to set sessions with them.

Attend Online course

Students will attend online sessions, share their experiences and rate those sessions/tutors.


Students will have all the necessary material in their accounts in case they want to learn things offline.


Both students and tutors will be sharing their experiences on social networks thus allowing for the site to grow and more students/tutors to join.